Hell yeah, True Blood!

Anonymous asked: "What is this guy who Jessica met? Or why does he smell so good?"

Check this out. :)

Anonymous asked: "Will you have download links for tonight's episode soon?"

I don’t know how soon, but I’ll definitely post links as soon as they become available, just like last week. :)

Anonymous asked: "Have you got a livestream for tonight? Non of the ones you reblogged worked x"

I don’t have any myself. I’m going to wait until there’s a download link later tonight. If anyone knows of any that work, submit them or reply to this post with them and I’ll make a post for y’all.

Anonymous asked: "you make such beautiful stuff! who runs this blog?"

Thank you! My personal blog is appease.

Anonymous asked: "Can we submit links to post to our true blood stuff or peoples that we liked and see if you would reblog it?"

Yes, you can!

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: "You could put YOUR cel number on the scam site and give us the password"

YOU’RE WELCOME for all the hard work I put into this blog and looking for download links. Asshole.

Thanks to the other anons telling me which one is fake; I’ve switched the link with another from a reliable uploader, that I can assure you is legit.

Anonymous asked: "Do you know where I can just watch the season premiere?"

If I can find any online streaming links, I’ll add them to the download post! It’s harder now because Megavideo is deceased, lol.

Anonymous asked: "when will the next seson begin?"

The new season starts on June 10!

Anonymous asked: "This is a weird/gross question but when vampires climax what comes out? Blood? Like Lafayette said in season one they're just blood in a skin sack so it can't be cum!"

I’d never thought of that, lmao. And I don’t really have an answer for you… do we even know for sure what happens? Does anyone know?

Anonymous asked: "Was Scott Foley cast for season 5? I Didn't know that. Do you know who is he playing and how long he is gonna stay on the show? Thanks!"

Scott Foley was in a couple (can’t remember how many) episodes last season, actually. He’s Terry’s friend, he met him in the army. I’ll link a couple of articles that might give you some insight of what’s to come in season 5 for his character:

Television Blend

Keep in mind that those might/most likely contain spoilers of some sort.

posted 2 years ago